• Our partnership with ASM has been wonderful. The knowledge and expertise they bring enables us to focus on other critical aspects of our business. ASM does a great job overseeing/managing our programs and giving them the proper attention they require. The collaborative nature that they bring insures that the programs and contracts negotiated with ASM’s involvement are industry leading and generate more value than we could have done on our own.
    Scott Skokan, Vice President 
  • As owners of a national portfolio of multifamily properties, we hired ASM to renegotiate all of our cable, telephone and data services with the available suppliers in each geographic area. ASM’s work was professional and more important effective. They succeeded in getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront fees and increased annual revenue from most of the properties.
    Mark Levy, Principal & Vice President
    Glen Una Management Co., Inc.
  • ASM’s efforts have generated significant ancillary income for our portfolio. Their negotiations of new contracts for products and services, and their renegotiations of existing contracts have not only resulted in the increase in revenue, but have also resulted in a higher level of service from our suppliers. I have been particularly impressed with ASM’s attention to detail and their broad knowledge of products and services, ranging from fire alarms to submetering hardware and software, to current FCC regulations covering telephone, cable and internet service. The contracts that they have provided us, working in conjunction with their own legal counsel, have been outstanding and have drawn praise from our general counsel. The feedback I’ve received concerning ASM from suppliers has been excellent. They know when negotiating with ASM that they have to do their homework and present us with the best offer.
    Alethea Parker, Vice President of Operations
    Artcraft Management Inc.

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