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Do you find that you spend too much time taking calls from vendors, sitting in meetings talking with service providers who don’t understand your community’s needs, or reading brochures and emails explaining services that you don’t have time to fully understand or to focus on…. or are you just too busy to even focus on amenity and ancillary service programs so you just don’t return the calls or e-mails? Are there better uses of YOUR time, and are these issues and interruptions taking time away from more important elements of your job? The ASM Advantage frees you from having to worry about your ancillary services, the providers and the quality of service that you and your residents receive. ASM will take on these critical responsibilities for you. Our proven approach has helped many management and ownership companies realize better services, increased revenues and significant savings with their ancillary service programs.

Ancillary Service Research, Retention and Management

As YOUR Ancillary Services Department, ASM conducts all the research and provides due diligence in vetting the service providers that we bring to your community. ASM negotiates all of the contracts on your behalf, picks up the legal fees for contract development, and manages the contracts once they are in place to ensure that the provider is adhering to the terms of the agreement. Because revenues are most often tied to the penetration levels for most services, it is in your best interest to see the take rates for the services increase in your communities. ASM will assist you in ensuring that your property managers and leasing agents are trained on each service. ASM will also monitor the service levels and penetration rates for you in order to identify and alleviate/rectify underperforming services or products. This allows you to focus on your core business responsibilities. To see what potential services ASM might bring to your community, click here


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